MeRIT Platform Presentations Featured at the Global Conference

November 04, 2022

Five Mentored Research Investigator Training Program (MeRIT) participants delivered platform presentations of their research on Monday, October 17th at the 2022 Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy in San Francisco, California. Presenters were selected from published papers of completed MeRIT research.. In addition to presenting their research, each participant briefly described how completing the MeRIT program has impacted their career, professional mentorship(s)/relationships, and future research. 

The participants who presented their research are as follows:

The 2-year longitudinal MeRIT program is designed to assist pharmacists with developing the abilities necessary to conduct investigator-initiated research, either independently as a principal investigator or as an active co-investigator within a research team. For more information on the program, including important dates for applying, go to