Current Donors

Thank you to our 2018 calendar year donors. Contributors are listed alphabetically under each donor level. For a list of cumulative donations since 1998 click here.

John Murphy
Brad & Beth Phillips
The Community Foundation, Inc.
James Tisdale
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Brian Erstad
Johnson & Johnson
Rex Force
Tracy M. Hagemann
James Hoehns
Joel Marrs
Scott Micek
William Petros
Brandon and Allana Sucher
Christy Adams
Douglas Anderson
Raja Barazi
Debra Barnette
Lelia Brigmon
Mariann Churchwell
Amy Krauss
Sara Lout
Carlos Madrid
Monica Mahoney
Michelle McCarthy
Eric Mueller
  • In memory of Peter Yurkowski
Jeri Sias
Valorie Swensen
Nina Tachikawa
Colleen Terriff
Brian Trevarrow
George Varghese
Lai Fan Jennie Vong