Biostatistics Resources

These resources were created in 2018 by members of the Critical Care PRN Research Committee in response to a 2017 PRN charge to identify resources residents and RPDs would find helpful in performing research projects. The content focuses on the use of R, an open-source and freely available statistical analysis program, which is increasing in popularity in the primary literature. The guide follows a step-by-step approach using a sample data set to practice statistical testing and provides an explanation of why each test is most appropriate to the example.

Disclaimer: The purpose is to provide general guidance on statistical test selection and how to perform basic tests using a freely available statistics program. The Committee recommends consulting persons with biostatistics expertise for specific project consulting.

To read more about the background, development, limitations, and authors of these resources please read the first page of the Guide to Testing R.

General statistical analysis:
Statistical analysis application using R/R Commander


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