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Ronald EvensRonald Evens

My Life Lessons: "Always Exceed Your Best", "Live Life with Gusto", "Love & Support Family & Colleagues", "Be Thankful & Give Back to Profession & Society"

Ron Evens was born and raised in Buffalo, New York area. Buffalo Bills football remains his passion. He is oldest of six children. Evens’ family struggled at times and knew what welfare was all about. College scholarships made a difference. Opportunities led him to live in ten states plus travel to 31 more states and 20 countries. He learned to appreciate the many different people, cultures, challenges, and needs in society. He has 3 children; 2 physicians (oncologist and infectious disease), a botanist/researcher, plus 2 through 2nd marriage, an education administrator and an insurance broker. Currently, he is semi-retired, but donates time and energy as college professor and biotech industry consultant. He has supported his community with board memberships, most recently Habitat for Humanity, Jacksonville. He is a philanthropist supporting the socially disadvantaged, pharmacy education and research, ASHP and the environment. Posthumously, $4-5 million will be donated as well.

Dr. Evens received a B.S. in Pharmacy at University of Buffalo, N.Y. His mentors included future deans, Milo Gibaldi, Michael Schwartz. Graduate work was at University of Kentucky for both his Pharm. D. & clinical practice residency (3 years). Fortunately, his mentors were scions of pharmacy practice and education, Paul F Parker, founding member of ASHP, and Charles Walton, founding member of ACCP (+1st DIC), and Ann Amerson. Dr. Evens is Clinical Professor, University of Florida, College of Pharmacy, and Northwestern University, College of Medicine, for biopharma industry & biotechnology from 2002 to present. As president of his company, MAPS 4 Biotec, he has served as an industry consultant over last 10 years regarding medical affairs, clinical research, medical information and communications, and product launch.

Previously at Amgen, he created & was Senior Director and Head of Professional Services Department and also created PeriApproval Research group for pipeline products. His work included clinical research, medical education, medical information, and executive management with 8 products and 7 teams. Before Amgen, Dr. Evens was at Bristol-Myers Co. His prior academic career included Associate Professor & acting Chairman of Department of Pharmacy Practice, University of Tennessee; and Assistant and Associate Professor & Director of Drug Information Center, University of Texas at Austin and University of Texas Center for Health Sciences at San Antonio.

Dr Evens has served on 12 national Boards of Directors or Advisory Boards and various national Committee of medical and pharmaceutical societies, plus journals. Scientific, professional, and industry presentations exceed 150 at national and state meetings. His publications exceed 100, including 16 book chapters and editor of 2 books, e.g., "Drug & Biological Development, From Molecule to Product & Beyond (2007)". For ACCP, Dr. Evens has served on 9 taskforces and committees over the years.