Futures Grants

2019 ACCP Foundation Futures Grants:
Mentored Developmental Research Awards


2019 APPLICATIONS CLOSED: May 15, 2019

The ACCP Foundation Frontiers Fund supports pharmacy researcher development and pharmacy research advancement. Through the Foundation's Futures Grants program, the Foundation Board of Trustees is especially interested in supporting the development of research skills among student, trainee, and early-career ACCP members with a goal of establishing sustained interest and careers in pharmacy research.

All students, trainees, and junior investigators who are members of ACCP are encouraged to apply.  Futures Grants may range from $5,000 to $40,000, depending on the applicant's eligibility and the proposal’s requisite budget.  Up to $100,000 in mentored, developmental research awards will be granted through the Futures Grants Program in 2019.

Eligibility to Apply

Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the required online eligibility form before beginning to prepare a full application. The eligibility tool will guide potential applicants to either the student/resident or junior investigator application. Applicants ineligible for the awards will also be appropriately advised.

Junior Investigator Research Awards
Preference will be given to individuals who have not been awarded significant peer-reviewed extramural funding as the principal investigator, but whose prior experience, career plans, and current professional environment indicate their potential to become successful, independent investigators.

Junior investigators are ACCP members who:

  1. are in a full-time professional appointment and for whom it has been less than 6 years since completing their education and training at the time of the application due date (May 15, 2019), or
  2. are in a fellowship training program at the time of the award funding (September 15, 2019).
Student & Resident Research Awards
Preference will be given to individuals whose prior experience, career plans, and letters of support indicate an aptitude for research, interest in formalized research training, and a career path with a significant research component.

Student and resident investigators are ACCP members who at the time of the award funding (September 15, 2019):

  1. are in a Pharm.D. or dual Pharm.D./Graduate degree program, or
  2. are in a graduate degree program that they entered immediately post-Pharm.D. (graduate degree students are not eligible for a student award if they have completed fellowship training, or have held an academic/professional appointment before returning to graduate school), or
  3. attended professional pharmacy degree program outside the United States., or
  4. are currently in a pharmacy residency training program.
2019 Junior Investigator App Instructions
Instructions  PDF

2019 Student Resident App Instructions
Instructions  PDF

Futures Grants Online Application (including eligibility tool)

RI Futures Grants Program: A Mentored, Developmental Awards Program

To provide support for the development of research skills among early-career ACCP members with a goal of establishing sustained interest and careers in clinical pharmacy research.

Student & Resident Research Awards
Grants of up to $5000 for students and residents, which are awarded to the mentor.
Scoring Criteria: Scientific merit of project, training and development plan, mentor qualifications and resources, and student/resident qualifications.

Junior Investigator Research Awards
Grants of $10,000 - $40,000 for junior investigators.
Scoring criteria: Scientific merit of proposal, qualifications and resources of primary mentor, mentorship plan, resources and environment, biosketch of investigator, and budget.

Preference will be given to applications that are, consistent with ACCP priority areas (as defined in call for proposals), collaborative, multidisciplinary, and incorporate the ACCP PBRN.

2015 Timeline: Call for Proposals February 1, Letters of Intent due April 1, Applications due June 1, and Awards announced by September 15

The Futures Grants Program is supported by ACCP and through gifts to the Frontiers Fund.